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About Us

Justice Democrats is working to elect a mission-driven caucus in Congress that will fight for solutions that match the scale of our many crises: skyrocketing inequality, catastrophic climate change, deepening structural racism as the country becomes more diverse, and the corporate takeover of our democracy.

We need a Democratic Party that fights for its voters, not just its corporate donors. That’s why we helped elect leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress. We need leadership in the Democratic Party that will represent and fight for our communities.

Opinion polls in the United States demonstrate that these policy positions are overwhelmingly popular. Indeed, throughout the industrialized world these ideas are considered moderate. This is a movement about freedom and justice. And it’s a movement of, by, and for working people. If the Democrats refuse to embrace this platform, they’ll continue to lose, either to Republicans or to us.

Learn more about our platform here.

About our products:
Our organic shirts are made in the US. 
Our other, regular t-shirts are made in various countries, and we use Gildan as a supplier. The countries in which they make their shirts use union companies, and they are working to bring more jobs to the US. 
All our shirts, buttons, and stickers are printed in Florida by a union company, and they will add their union bug to the items.